Character & Quality

Tracy’s design method is grounded in using the natural qualities of leather hide as the basis of every bag. Made in Coterie’s trademark raw edge leather style, the texture and finish of the leather carefully chosen to compliment the colours and detail in the pattern of the tapestry. It is this combination that influences the design and character of each bag, along with the thoughtfully selected signature defining detail of a vintage key or Welsh lovespoon, creating a visually stunning piece of craft, classic, yet with a contemporary edge

Driven by her knowledge and training in furniture and upholstery, each bag is visually created, and due to the nature of the hide being different every time, each bag is individually made, never pattern cut, full of character and no one item ever the same. It says a lot about Coterie Leather Bags that after 11 years of designing and making these bags, apart from refining some details they remain unchanged, with a design aesthetic that has stood the test of time